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Chapter 1:

Sixteen-year-old Maria Crossfield sat in the school auditorium, her eyes looking up at Headmistress Janna who took her place on the raised dais. She was in her forecaster skin, her blonde hair artfully messy and elegant. Meanwhile, Maria looked different in her classic skin: a red atelier girl dress, a pair of belted armwarmers, white angelic boots and a white veil. Maria looked to her left side to see a boy the same age as her. He had short, spiky blonde hair and goggles resting atop his head. His eyes were a deep emerald green and he wore a tan-colored shirt that was mostly covered by his leather coat that was fastened by several leather belts on it. He had long black pants on and red-leather boots that also had belt straps on it; around his waist, he wore a belt with many pouches hooked onto it. Also, he wore a black fingerless glove on his right hand, but the most noticeable accessory that the boy had on was a golden gauntlet that he wore on his left hand - there was a decent-sized blue gem embedded into it that seemed to glow ever so faintly.

The boy caught Maria gawking at him. Her eyes were wide with wonder as he locked eyes with her; emerald met wide coal. For a moment, a spark seemed to generate between them before the headmistress coughed, regaining the student body's attention. "Now just as I was saying... welcome to League Academy. I am Deputy Headmistress Janna and I look forward to seeing your potential as champions." The headmistress smiled. "Now, you will be sleeping in student dorms; females in the east dorm, males in the west dorm. If you have any issues about your accommodations or things in general, please go see the student advisers, Ahri and Vladimir, who will be found in the South Courtyard. I would like to invite Headmaster Zilean to announce the sections that you will be in."

Headmaster Zilean announced the Supports and Duelists in a booming voice. "The Duelists are Garen, Ezreal, Yasuo, Teemo, Katarina, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Kennen, Gnar, Veigar, Amumu and Annie. The Supports are Sona, Maria, Thresh, Morgana, Soraka, Lux, Kayle, Anivia, Ashe and Orianna." Maria whimpered behind her hand; it was sad 'cause Yasuo and Sona were dating and they had to be separated. She bet that Sona was playing a sad melody on her etwahl, saying goodbye to Yasuo silently. Maria stood up from her seat, all eyes suddenly locked on her. She peered around to see Sona and Yasuo staring at each other sadly. Maria was prone to crying in sad situations... like now. Tears beaded in her eyes as she watched Yasuo and Sona stare at each other. 

"Uh..." Maria was suddenly snapped back to reality by the boy's voice next to her. She wiped her tears away, clearing her vision. To her embarrassment, everyone in the auditorium was staring at her. Blood rushed up to her face as she hid her face in her white veil and sat down. Zilean cleared his throat and continued; "...Anyways, now that's done, you can collect your timetables from the front office and head out to the courtyards to mingle."

Maria sighed before running out of the auditorium with Ezreal staring after her.


Little did Maria know, that this was the beginning of the rest of her life. 

League Academy (League of Legends)
Chapter One of a story that I am writing about League of Legends.

Main couple: Maria and Ezreal
Side couples: Amumu and Annie, Garen and Katarina, Sona and Yasuo.
Hmmm.... what should I write about now?
 I mean, I was going to write a story about dragons earlier, but now.... nah.

Any suggestions for me?
It was a beautiful day in the small seaside town of Chromewood. A young woman with jet-black hair, pale skin and wide coal eyes walked with Yasuo and Lee Sin towards the town square where Ezreal was talking with Sona. The girl had a quiet demeanor around her as she stepped forward into the presence of Ezreal. "Hi, Sona-nee-sama." the girl murmured quietly, her veil covering her face. Sona replied with a shrill, excited trill from her etwahl and made the young blonde boy turn around. "Oh, hi, Yasuo..." then his eyes landed on the girl who lifted her veil up to show her face. 

"Maria, this is Ezreal. You may have heard of him being in the Institute of War." Yasuo said, wrapping an arm around Sona's waist. The girl known as Maria lifted her veil fully and set it on her head. "H-Hello..." she stammered softly, a blush creeping to her pretty face. Ezreal tried not to blush, but smiled cockily all the same. "Hey. I'm Ezreal. You can call me Ez, though." he grinned. Maria smiled angelically at Ezreal, her dark eyes locking with his green eyes.

Ezreal shivered; no one had dark eyes like the girl in front of him. It made him like her even more. "Uh... is this the part where we're friends?" Maria asked him curiously. "Yeah, I guess so." he smirked. Maria flushed and turned to Yasuo. "I'm going to go and see Annie, is that okay?" she questioned curiously. "Yes, that's fine." Yasuo said before Maria nodded to Yasuo and everyone else before smiling briefly at Ezreal and leaving the scene.


The next day, Ezreal was walking through the halls of the Institute of War; he was hoping to get to the library when he saw Maria sitting on the ground, reading a really huge book. Being curious by nature, he walked over and leant against the wall, watching her. "Interesting read?"

"Yes." she answered, her voice soft with concentration. Ezreal sighed and sat beside her, arms crossed over his head as he looked over her shoulder. "No reading!" she hit him across the face with her book. "Oww."


"No, I deserved that. Don't worry about a thing."

Maria giggled; she never expected this boy to change from cocky to solemn in a flash. This was interesting. "Umm.... you wanna be friends?" she asked again. "Sure, why not?"

Their friendship bloomed into something more...

It was a normal day in Gabesville City.

There was nothing going on that proved significant.

That was, until...

Godzilla leapt out of the water and roared so viciously that it scared the city folk into hiding. Screams echoed across the city as it rampaged through the city, smashing the buildings to pieces. It was roaring so loudly that it sounded like it was trying to form words. It almost sounded like... "RAWR!! BURRITOS!! RAWR!!! ME WANT BURRITOS!!!!!!!"

The city people were so startled, they yelled out for Burrito Man to come and save the day.

Dressed in flat bread, a hat made of dripping meat and shoes made of meat, Burrito Man flew in and created a gigantic burrito out of nothing! Godzilla grabbed it and ate it greedily, saying, "RAWR! RAWR! BURRITO!"

The end~Cinnamon Rumia free avatar 


Hey! For those that don't know me, I'm Kuro! I love... anime, manga, RPing, and writing!

Apparently... I'm in the 4th division...?…

And I'm a tsundere...?…

Oh well~


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