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20141207 173224 by kuroshitsujimaiden
20141207 173224


Name: Megan Honda 
Age: 14-26
Appearance: Megan has long black hair that is usually tied into two pigtails; the left side of her hair covers her left eye. She is often wearing a yellow shirt, a black jacket, a black skirt and a yellow belt cinched around her waist.
Personality: Megan is quiet, kind and awkward. Though she is fairly smart, she rarely shows off. To the Big Hero 6, she is sweet and kind and loves to bake and dance.
Race: Half-Japanese and Half-English
"Hiro, you don't have to do this alone." --when Hiro loses Tadashi
"Bitches gonna bitch." --random quote
"Hell, if I know Hiro. He's gonna do something amazing."
Bio: Born and raised in San Fransokyo, she was introduced to Hiro when she was ten and they had been inseperable ever since.

Gin Zura! BerrieBlosym! You can judge now!!
So boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.................... anyone wanna RP?
Wattpad is basically a site where you can write stories and submit on it. If you do have a wattpad, here is my account:…


Ten-year-old Asa Butterfield stood on the curb of his street, waiting for his best friend to arrive. "Asa?" A young girl's voice called out softly behind the young actor that made him turn around to see a pretty ten-year-old girl with shoulder-length jet-black hair, pale Asian features and sharp angular eyes that were the color of dark coal standing in front of him. "Megs," he said, his blue eyes twinkling with happiness as she stepped forward and hugged him gently. An electric current ran through their bodies as they hugged. Asa smiled softly as Megan pulled away and smiled brightly; she was the most precious thing to him ever since he met her while he was searching for books in the library one spring day.

Megan giggled and let go of Asa's shoulders, only holding his warm hand. It was cold since it was December. Snowflakes drifted onto his hair as they walked the streets of Islington, holding hands. They had been holding hands since yesterday and Asa liked holding hands with Megan because it felt nice. He didn't know why, but his heart started to beat faster whenever he saw her, he always thought about her and the way she smiled at him made him want to kiss her. He shook his head, blushing furiously. Get a hold of yourself, Asa, he thought. Megan looked over at him; her sharp coal eyes framed behind thick glasses. "Ace?" she murmured, using his nickname.

Asa turned towards Megan, his face still red. "Are you okay?" she asked, concern flashing in her coal eyes. And that was when Asa kissed her cheek. Asa felt himself kiss her cheek with his soft lips. Megan blushed furiously as Asa pulled away, smiling. "I like you," he said, unabashed. Megan's eyes widened in surprise. "Um..."

Megan's POV:

That was seven years ago.

I was now seventeen. My friends had changed because of my moving to America shortly after Asa said that he liked me; of course I never forgot about Asa, but judging by the photos of him and his girlfriend, Peyton Bourgeois, he forgot all about me. I smiled, happy for him; I was trying to ignore my heart ripping apart because of his happy face. Was I being selfish? Probably. I sighed loudly, checking my stats and standing up from my black leather computer chair. I've just finished playing DOTA2 with my five best friends online; asabfb, SakuraKino, Pyrionflax and TheHun. I laughed at my victory since I was playing 1v4 and I won like a boss.

I felt so happy and jubilant at my win that I felt like dancing on my stream. I suddenly typed in LOL, watch me dance to Hare Hare Yukai on my twitch~ Take it as my victory dance for defeating all you noobs~!

The replies were all groans and nos'. Actually, I typed in as an after thought, add me on Skype so we can chat face to face. I smiled victoriously as asabfb replied: Sure, why not? I mean, we've been playing in the same team for the last six months. I added him on Skype and clicked connect. Then, all of a sudden, I saw the face of my former friend, Asa. "Umm... hi, Asa." I said, sitting down. "Oh, whoa." he replied, his eyes widening in surprise. "I never thought you played Dota 2, Megan." he said as a greeting. "I never expected you to actually be an actor." I retorted sarcastically, my British accent heavy. Asa laughed; his laugh made me shiver. "Ouch. And I always thought you had faith in me," he said, his eyes twinkling. "I do! I do. It's been so long since I saw you."

"Har har." He leant back into his chair. "Aren't you gonna dance on your stream for me?"

My face reddened. "Shut up!"

I sighed before standing up and putting my iPod on the radio and scrolling down to the song that I was going to dance to. I was doing alright for the most part, and I managed to slip up on the last part which my followers noticed. "You forgot to do the pose with your index finger pointing!" Asian Glow typed. "I know, just... forget it, okay?" 

Meanwhile, Asa was staring at me like that day when he kissed me on the cheek. Asa's eyes were soft and his lips were so... "I wanna kiss you, Asa." I confessed suddenly. Stupid dammit. I turned away, my face reddening. Asa blinked twice. "Huh? Did you say that you wanted to kiss me?" 

I turned around and nodded.
Wattpad is basically a site where you can write stories and submit on it. If you do have a wattpad, here is my account:…



Hey! For those that don't know me, I'm Kuro! I love... anime, manga, RPing, and writing!

Apparently... I'm in the 4th division...?…

And I'm a tsundere...?…

Oh well~


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